The Advantages of On-Site Scanning

Scan your documents securely at your office with the help of a professional scanning team.

Scan Paper Documents On Site

Most business owners know that paper is a slow, outdated technology that adds unnecessary costs at every turn. It can make even the simplest of tasks more difficult, resulting in longer turnaround times and subsequently, increased labor costs.

Employees can waste hours a week fumbling through filing cabinets looking for the documents they need. Not only is it bad for business, its unpleasant for your employees and your customers.

But did you also know that paper can be a security risk?

Employees with access to your documents are able view confidential information at any given time, even when their job role doesn’t require it. That should certainly raise some eyebrows, especially if you work with sensitive personal information.

It can also be difficult to keep tabs on all your data when its stored on paper. A few documents could easily go missing without anyone noticing, intentionally or not, potentially compromising confidential information.

For these reasons and more, a growing number of business owners are turning to professional document scanning services to help digitize their paper archives, storing these documents instead as digital files in the cloud that can be quickly accessed at a moment’s notice.

However, businesses with an extremely large number of documents to scan may face challenges during this process that are difficult to overcome.

For example, transporting all of that paper to a scanning facility can be expensive and inefficient. And in cases where the original documents need to be kept after they’ve been scanned, all of that effort needs to happen a again when its time to return those documents to storage. 

In other cases, transporting documents is simply not an option. Documents may be too fragile to move without the risk of damaging them, or regulatory compliance may prevent you from transporting records off-premises.

In these situations like these, many businesses choose an on-site scanning service.

But how do you know if on-site scanning is right for you? Read more below to learn more about on-site scanning and the benefits that it can provide. 

What is on-site scanning?

On-site scanning allows businesses to quickly digitize a large number of paper documents without the need to transport them to a second location.

To accomplish this task, a secure high-volume document scanning environment will be constructed at your place of business, complete with all the equipment, staff, and know-how required to digitize your archive of paper records securely and efficiently.

Our staff handles the entire process from start to finish, including equipment setup, project planning, security, and scanning, eliminating the typical pitfalls encountered when attempting to digitize your documents in-house.

It is a service we developed specifically for businesses who need to scan a high volume of documents which cannot be transported off premises for processing.

How does on-site scanning work? 

Our on-site scanning service is designed to provide the same quality, speed, and security as the document scanning service we provide at our facility. We implement strict processes and security protocols to ensure your project is completed securely to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your data.

  1. First, a dedicated team of scanning professionals, including a project manager, will be assigned to your project. Together with the business owner(s), they will review the project requirements and determine the amount of resources and the equipment needed to complete the process, including any special considerations that need to be made.
  2. Technicians and other necessary personnel will arrive at your location with everything required to complete the scanning process, including high-volume scanners, computers, and software. All equipment will be deployed to specification to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  3. Our team will prepare your documents for the scanning process. This includes eliminating staples and creases, taping down sticky notes, and repairing tears that could reduce the quality of the final scanned image. 
  4. The scanning equipment will be calibrated using documents from your archive to ensure an accurate representation of the documents that will be scanned. Adjustments may be made throughout the process as new documents are introduced. 
  5. Scanning will be completed in batches under the supervision of one of our specialists, who will carefully monitor the process to ensure that the resulting images meet our high quality standards. 
  6. Each image is then reviewed by a second scanning technician who will verify that the document has been accurately reproduced and is free from defects that may result in poor readability or a loss of data. Any problematic image that does not meet these standards will be re-scanned by a tech to improve the resulting image.
  7. The resulting images are handed off to the indexing team, who will manually extract important identifiers such as an SSN, invoice ID, vendor name, and more, and attach them directly to your files as a name or searchable metadata. 
  8. Documents will be returned to their original location after scanning to maintain your current system of organization. In cases where the paper documents are no longer needed after scanning, we will deploy a mobile shredding team to securely destroy the documents curbside. 
  9. Once your project is complete, your digitized documents will be delivered to you as high resolution PDF or TIFF files via secure FTP, an encrypted digital storage device, or uploaded directly into your existing document management system based on your preference. Our team will disassemble and remove all of the equipment used to complete the project. 

What are the benefits of scanning documents on-site?

There are numerous benefits of hiring a professional scanning team to complete your scanning project on-site.  including: 

Meet Compliance Requirements 

Strict regulations prevent some organizations from transporting sensitive documents off the premises. Our on-site scanning service was created specifically to overcome this challenge, providing you with the capabilities, security, and convenience you’ve come to expect from a professional document scanning service, without the need to transport your documents. 

Keep Documents Accessible

When your documents are transported to a second location for scanning, it can be difficult to access information quickly should the need arise. This can add unnecessary complication for businesses who wish to digitize paper archives that are still actively in use. Scanning documents on-site ensures that your documents stay within arms reach, accessible to your team throughout the duration of your project.

Monitor the Process

Large scanning projects are complicated, and it’s not uncommon to encounter a bump in the road that requires a bit of additional guidance or input from your team. Completing your scanning project at your facility enables your employees to be active participants in the scanning process, answering questions as they arise and helping to steer priorities throughout the project. The entire process takes place under your supervision, providing an additional layer of accountability and oversight during the digitization process.  

Scan Efficiently 

When you use a typical off site scanning service, a fair amount of the time and energy spent completing the project involves the transportation of documents. Records need to be sorted, packed into boxes, labeled, and then transported to the scanning facility, where they will be moved into secure storage until the time when they are scanned. It’s a ton of handling and manual labor, and it all happens a second time in cases where the original documents must be returned after scanning.  All of these steps add additional time and expense, especially for projects where a large volume of documents must be scanned. On-site scanning is a perfect option when its abundantly clear that moving the equipment to the documents makes far more sense. 

Protect Fragile Documents

Aging documents may be difficult to transport to a second location for scanning, especially brittle documents that are prone to damage from too much/improper handling. Each time a fragile document passes hands, the chance of data loss due to accidental damage increases. On site scanning can help reduce the amount of physical stress your documents will endure during the digitization process, helping you to preserve your original copies. 

Why Choose SecureScan for your on site scanning needs?

Eliminating manual paper processes with the help of a professional scanning company is the most effective way to improve the efficiency and security of your business’ day-to-day operations.

Since 2003, SecureScan has been a leading provider of secure on-site document scanning services throughout the northeast. Our attention to detail and focus on customer service enables us to provide custom scanning solutions to meet any unique requirement. Our highly trained team of scanning professionals will work with you to deliver on-demand scanning within your premises at an affordable price. Contact us for more information, try our document scanning cost estimator, or get a quote directly from one of our scanning technicians. 

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