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Law firms and attorney's offices are often required to store and retrieve large volumes of paperwork on a regular basis. The ability to quickly locate critical documents relevant to your case when you need them is vital to the success of your firm.

Our ultra-secure legal document scanning service makes it easy to digitize, index, and store legal documents while protecting confidential information.

Legal Records Scanning

Modernize Your Workflow

A painless transition to a
paperless firm.

Whether you require a one-time batch conversion or ongoing legal scanning services, we can help. SecureScan has over 20 years of legal document imaging experience working with law offices and legal departments across various industries to help facilitate the conversion and management of important legal documents.

Simplify Compliance

The safety of your sensitive documents is our number one priority. Our legal scanning service makes it easy to adhere to all state and federal regulations governing confidentiality and data privacy.

Improve Security

Digital storage provides disaster protection for your important documents. Protect your data from deterioration, damage, or accidental loss by converting legal documents into digital formats.

Reduce Costs & Clutter

Law firms and attorney's offices deal with a large volume of paperwork, and the cost to store those documents can really add up. Transitioning to digital storage helps you save money while reducing office clutter.

High Volume Solution

Large scale legal scanning projects are tedious and time consuming, but they are no issue for our team. We make quick work of digitizing and indexing your files, freeing up your staff to handle more important tasks.

Greater Efficiency

Cloud based document management eliminates time wasted searching for documents. Share digital files with multiple team members regardless of geographical location, enabling efficent collaboration and instant access to data.

Legal document imaging,
done right.

Our straightforward approach to legal document scanning will take the stress out of your conversion project. Our experts will guide you through the entire process, taking the guesswork out of scanning your legal documents.

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We will work one on one with your team to create a customized conversion plan designed to fit the specific needs of your firm.

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We begin the work of digitizing your files, handling the organization, conversion, indexing, and subsequent quality control processes.

Protect the privacy of your information

SecureScan regularly works with law firms, government agencies, educational institutions, and medical practices to securely scan and convert sensitive documents while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Our number one commitment is to the safety and security of your sensitive data. Our team members receive HIPAA training and security assessments, and our scanning pipeline utilizes state-of-the-art security measures to protect the confidentiality of your documents.

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Save time and money by reducing your reliance on paper.

Scanning and converting your files can significantly reduce on the amount of paperwork you have to handle, transfer, and file on a daily basis. Time spent rummaging through filing cabinets and stacks of paper for documents is better spent working on your case.

Legal document imaging improves organization while decreasing the time needed to locate vital information, helping to better prepare you for presenting your case.

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Manage large volumes of documents with ease.

Digitizing your legal documents allows you to create one central repository, aggregating emails, text messages, browser history, and other evidence relevant to your case.

Share digital files with multiple team members regardless of geographical location, enabling efficient collaboration and instant access to all your data in one place.

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Common Questions

Get answers to frequently asked legal document scanning services.

Law firms and attorney’s offices often lag behind many other industries when it comes to technology. With the increase in digital legal service providers and the average client’s expectation for online accessibility, digitizing your legal processes can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your services. A few examples of core processes that can benefit from a document scanning pipeline:

  • Contracts
  • Legal Billing
  • Expense and Time Tracking
  • Client Accounting
  • Compliance

The process of digitizing and indexing legal documents can be tedious and time-consuming. It requires a substantial investment in scanning equipment and software, as well as ongoing costs for employee time and training. Not to mention, properly categorizing and organizing large volumes of documents in a way that improves efficiency and productivity is not as straightforward as it may seem.

A professional document scanning service takes the guesswork and effort out of converting your files. Plus, it’s cost-effective, far less stressful, and helps you get the most out of your documents.

Converting your legal documents to digital formats offers many immediate benefits to your firm.

  • Retrieve and view documents from any location instantly
  • Share securely with internal team members
  • Improve security with password protection and encryption
  • Improve organization and reduce clutter
  • Reclaim valuable office space by reducing the need for physical documents storage
  • Simple integration with any current case management system

Legal Document Scanning Services

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