Accounts Payable Invoice Scanning

Our accounts payable scanning service was designed to eliminate the manual data entry required when moving existing paper invoices into an ERP system. We'll scan and extract important data from purchase orders, receive reports, and vendor invoices with 99.5% accuracy by way of optical character recognition software, eliminating these time intensive processes from your workload.

Save time and reduce labor costs, while ensuring your documents are converted quickly and accurately with our AP scanning service.

Your AP Team is Treading Water

Modernize your accounts
payable processes.

Since 2003, SecureScan has been a leading provider of high-volume invoice and receipt scanning for accounts payable departments of all sizes. We can help you digitize your invoice backfile, eliminating the need for filing cabinets, banker's boxes, and offsite document storage. Reduce the costs associated with manual processing while meeting the strict compliance requirements that govern accounts payable documents with our accounts payable scanning solutions.

Centralize Your Data

Centralizing your invoices improves collaboration among your team and reduces approval times while enhancing visibility, accountability, and control.

Enhance Collaboration

Invoices can be distributed to team members instantly without limitation. Accelerate your approval and processing times and drive accountability in your accounts payable processes.

Improve Accuracy

Automated data processing eliminates errors commonly associated with manual data entry. Each automated capture undergoes a second review by a member of our scanning team to verify accuracy.

Save Money

Automated data extraction cuts the cost to process invoices by half. Reduce your accounts payable labor costs by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Improve Efficiency

Ensure that you pay vendors on time, every time. Reduce payment issues caused by slow processing times, invoice backlogs, or data entry errors.

Extract important data without
manual labor.

Our scanning expertise and advanced data capture technologies make the process of extracting data from your invoices simple and affordable. With our powerful OCR software, mapping customer data and project information to invoices has never been easier.

Invoice Scanning

Secure & compliant

Given their critical role at the heart of the business, accounts payable teams are subject to strict compliance regulations that can be complicated and overwhelming to navigate.

Our SOC2 HIPAA compliant invoice scanning service makes meeting your compliance requirements easy. We'll help you centralize your documents and gain greater control over your AP processes while avoiding costly fines associated with non-compliance.

Security & Compliance
HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Save Money, Save Time, and Reduce Your Workload

Our invoice scanning solution will take the heavy lifting out of your accounts payable processing. We can help you scan and capture incoming invoices quickly and accurately, reducing errors, cutting costs, and saving time. We can even help you automate your accounts payable processes, eliminating manual data entry and freeing up resources for more important tasks.

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Common Questions

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Invoice scanning is the process of converting paper invoices into digital files, most commonly .PDF files, for use in an ERP system. After the invoices have been scanned, important data from each invoice is extracted and converted into machine readable text, enabling better organization and text based search capabilities.

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a technology that analyzes printed text, and converts that information into editable / searchable text. This technology is especially useful when scanning invoices for accounts payable purposes because in most cases, several fields need to be extracted from each invoice to ensure that information is useful for business purposes.

By automating this process with OCR, much of the manual data entry typically required to process an invoice is mitigated. This generally adds up to huge cost savings over time by reducing the overhead associated with manual labor.

Paperless Invoice Management

Modernize Your Accounts Payable Processes

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