Scanning for the Insurance Industry

Insurance agencies, tasked with handling vast amounts of critical data, face unique challenges when it comes to document management and accessibility.

Our secure scanning service is tailored to meet the specific needs of the insurance industry, helping you transform your paper documents into a secure, compliant, text-searchable archive of digital files. Stay compliant with industry regulations and legal requirements while streamlining your operations.

Streamlining Insurance Agency Operations

Enhance The Accessibility And
Security of Your Records.

Relying on paper records is outdated, inneficient, and insecure. Digitize policies, claims, customer details, and employee records into digital files that are easy to search, update, and share, significantly boosting your agency's operational agility and data security.

Save Money

Reduce operational costs in your insurance agency by digitizing policy documents, claim forms, and customer records. Storing these as digital files is far more cost-effective than physical document storage, decreasing expenses and enhancing your agency's financial efficiency.

Prevent Data Loss

Keep essential insurance documents like policy agreements and client records safe in remote data centers. This strategy ensures consistent access to critical information, even in emergencies, protecting your business operations and client trust.

Enhance Data Security

Safeguard sensitive client data and transaction records in your insurance company with constant monitoring, stringent access controls, and advanced encryption. This comprehensive security approach defends against unauthorized access and digital threats.

Improve Customer Service

Boost your insurance agency's responsiveness by transitioning to digital documentation. Rapid retrieval of policy details, claims records, and customer information facilitates swift and accurate client service, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Work Efficiently

Optimize your agency's workflow by eliminating time-consuming paper-based tasks. Digital access to client files and insurance records quickens internal procedures, allowing your team to concentrate more on client interactions and service excellence.

Reclaim Your Space

Revitalize your workspace by converting extensive policy files and claims documentation to digital formats. This change not only liberates valuable office space but also fosters a more orderly and productive work environment, enhancing both employee workflow and client interaction spaces.

If you're ready to improve data accessibility, simplify regulatory complance, and enhance the security of your records, SecureScan is here to help.

Safety, Integrity, and Regulatory Adherence

Data Security and Privacy

Our services are specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the insurance sector, ensuring absolute confidentiality and robust data protection. We implement advanced security protocols in our scanning processes to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Adhering to industry-specific regulations, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your insurance company's information, offering you the assurance that your sensitive documents are handled with the highest level of care and security.

Data Security & Compliance
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Your One-Stop Insurance Document
Scanning Solution

SecureScan provides comprehensive digitization services for a wide array of documents typically handled by insurance companies. Below are some examples of the types of records we can help you digitize for improved management and efficiency:

  • Policy Documents: This includes all paperwork related to insurance policies like terms and conditions, policyholder agreements, and amendments.
  • Claim Forms: Any forms submitted by policyholders to claim insurance benefits.
  • Customer Records: Personal and contact information of clients, including historical data on past interactions and transactions.
  • Billing and Payment Records: Invoices, receipts, payment history, and other financial documents related to policyholders.
  • Underwriting Documents: Paperwork involved in the assessment and acceptance of risk by the insurer.
  • Legal Documents: Contracts, legal correspondence, and litigation-related documents.
  • Regulatory Compliance Records: Documents related to regulatory compliance, audits, and inspections.
  • Correspondence: Email, letters, and other forms of communication with clients, other insurance companies, and service providers.
  • Reports and Analyses: Actuarial reports, risk assessments, market analyses, and other internal reports.
  • Employee Records: Benefits and insurance documents, employee contracts, performance evaluations, training records, payroll and tax information.

Contact us for more information on our insurance document scanning services, or receive a free, no-obligation cost estimate for your project from one of our expert technicians.

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Advanced Data Capture Technology

Tailored Scanning Solutions

At SecureScan, we recognize that each business has unique requirements. That's why we collaborate closely with every customer to develop a customized scanning solution that meets your specific needs. Our approach to scanning combines more than two decades of industry experience with a strong focus on quality and accuracy. We handle various types of insurance documents, ensuring each is treated with the utmost care and precision.

Expertise and Reliability

With over 21 years in the document scanning industry and countless successful projects, our expertise and attention to detail is unmatched. We have served hundreds of businesses across the Northeast, showcasing our ability to handle projects of any scale with precision and professionalism.

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Common Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked scanning service questions.

We can digitize a wide range of insurance documents, including policy documents, claim forms, customer records, legal paperwork, and regulatory compliance records.

We know that maintaining the security of insurance related documents is paramount. That’s why we employ advanced security measures, including encryption and secure badge protected storage, as well as adhering to industry-specific regulations to ensure the highest level of data protection for your records.

Yes, we are equipped to handle large-scale digitization projects and have experience managing extensive document volumes efficiently.

Absolutely, we work closely with each client to tailor our services to their specific needs, ensuring a solution that best fits their document management requirements.

Digitizing documents enhances efficiency, reduces physical storage needs, improves data accessibility, and helps in maintaining regulatory compliance.

We can convert documents into various digital formats, including PDF or TIFF, depending on your specific requirements.

Yes, we ensure that the digitized documents we create are compatible with various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for seamless integration.

Absolutely. We offer NAID® AAA Certified shredding and disposal services post-scanning. This part of the service is completely optional and based on your needs. If you choose to shred your documents after the scanning process, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

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