Frequently Asked Document Management Questions

We’ve accumulated the most common questions new customers have when looking to outsource their document management.

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There are many reasons why a business may choose to scan and convert paper documents into digital files. If your business has compliance requirements or regulations for data retention, paper files can be cumbersome and much more expensive to store than their digital counterparts.

After scanning, your documents are carefully indexed and organized by any identifier(s) on the documents of your choosing, allowing you to locate any file almost instantaneously by a simple text search, greatly improving efficiency.

The hidden costs of storing paper files tends to be far greater than the cost of digital storage. For that reason, our document scanning service tends to pay for itself. Plus, if you require even infrequent access to your data, the efficiency of searching digital files vs. rummaging through a filing cabinet is a huge time/cost savings.

SecureScan offers the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our per-box pricing model makes your upfront costs incredibly affordable and easy to calculate.

We have experience scanning and indexing almost any type of paper document you can think of. Common use cases are HR documents and employee records scanning , accounting or financial scanning, medical records scanning, large format document scanning, and more.

Once your documents have been scanned and converted, we can either ship your documents back to you for storage, or you can use our NAID-compliant document shredding services to permanently and securely destroy your files. You will receive a certificate of destruction for your records after completion.

We offer many options for scanning and converting many document types including large format blueprints and schematics, microfiche, photographs, and more.

Your documents are scanned at 300dpi and saved as ultra high resolution digital images for maximum quality and legibility. Each image is passed through a manual quality control step to ensure your scans meet our high standards. Any imperfect scans are redone. In most cases, your digital files are easier to read than the original.

SecureScan makes your document conversion process easy, simply pack up your files and we take care of the rest. Our document prep team will remove any paperclips, staples, or sticky notes, and prepare your papers for our scanners to ensure high quality scans.

Yes, SecureScan can set up a secure document scanning workflow at your location. With our on-site scanning service, we bring the scanning and indexing expertise, equipment, and staff to your door, handling the initial setup, organization and workflow, and operation of the scanning equipment.

A digital mailroom is a hybrid mail and scanning service where incoming mail is scanned, converted into digital files, and delivered as an electronic communication. A Digital mailroom is a modern solution that deals with the issues many organizations face when dealing with the processing and distribution of inbound mail.

Organizations generally consider automated mail pipelines to solve issues related to:

  • Remote employees
  • Multiple business locations
  • Mailroom real estate and associated costs
  • Staffing and workforce costs
  • Slow mail processing times
  • Frustration with outdated processes

After each piece of mail has been scanned, your digital files are manually reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our high image quality standards. Any documents that do not meet these criteria are rescanned.

After the imaging process has been completed, we identify each piece of mail and organize by date received or other key information. Any important items or critical mail will be forwarded to your place of business.