State and Local Government Records Scanning

Government agencies are required to maintain a large number of critical records, forms, and files. This presents unique challenges for government institutions who must effectively manage and store these documents.

Our government records scanning service tackles these challenges head on by providing a secure and cost-effective method of converting paper records into a text-searchable archive of digital files.

Protect vital information &
improve accessibility.

Over the last 21 years, SecureScan has scanned tens of millions of documents for a variety of state and local governing bodies. Our experience planning and executing complex governmental scanning projects ensures that your project is completed to your specifications, in a process that is fully compliant with the relevant laws and privacy regulations. The benefits of digitizing government records with SecureScan include:

Fiscally Responsible

Digitizing documents provide substantial long-term cost savings by reducing the costs associated with storing and managing a high volume of paper records.

Regulatory Compliance

Our government scanning services are ultra-secure, FADGI-conformant, and fully compliant with state and federal records storage guidelines.

Prevent Data Loss

Storing records digitally makes it easy to create and maintain redundant copies of critical government documents, reducing the possibility of lost/unrecoverable data.

Search and Locate

Storing documents electronically makes it easy to locate a specific record by name, keyword, or just about any other kind of data, with just a few keystrokes.

High Volume Solution

Our team is capable of processing up to 400,000 of records per day, enabling us to provide a rapid turnaround for large government projects.

On Site Scanning

In cases where the transportation of specific documents is not possible for compliance reasons, we offer on site scanning services which will be conducted securely at your location.

Reduce Storage Requirements

Millions of documents can be stored on a single hard drive, greatly reducing the amount of space required for physical document storage.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our double blind, compare & correct indexing process allows us to extract the data contained in your documents with a high level of accuracy and detail.

Enhanced Security

Encryption, detailed access controls, and password protection ensure that sensitive government data never falls into the wrong hands.

Affordable Government Records Management

Our scanning services are provided to state and federal government clients at the lowest possible price.

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Security & Data Privacy

Protect the confidentiality of critical government data.

Protecting sensitive data throughout the scanning process is vital for government institutions, who frequently manage documents that contain PII and PHI. Our scanning pipeline was developed around that need, providing a secure, well documented chain of custody for your documents from start to finish.

All scanning is conducted in our secure scanning facility under 24/7 security surveillance to ensure your documents are never more protected than when they are when in our possession.

Data Security & Compliance
HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Reduce labor costs & improve the quality of services provided.

State and local governments are often required to provide the highest levels of service on a limited budget. With the help of document scanning services, government agencies can improve the efficiency and speed at which they are able to access and process data, reducing the cost of providing services and improving customer experience.

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The Complete Guide To Government Scanning

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Our complete guide is your ultimate resource for converting essential government documents into secure, digital assets. Explore how our specialized document scanning services can redefine the way your agency functions.

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Rochester City Court

This is the best scanning and indexing work anyone has ever done for us.

Kim Bostley, Deputy Chief Clerk
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Broome County Surrogate’s Court

With a project that needed the highest quality, we were unsuccessful with prior document imaging service providers, working with SecureScan allowed us to preserve public records safely and efficiently.

Lynn Esworthy, NYS Office of Court Administration
New York Department Of Health

NYS Department of Health

They truly went above and beyond to ensure that all of the work was done properly. I was very pleased with their professionalism and dedication in ensuring that the job was done well.

Stephanie Janowski – Health Program Administrator

Scanning and data capture for
government agencies.

SecureScan has extensive experience scanning a wide variety of documents for state and local government agencies. Below are a common examples of records we can help you manage more effectively:

  • Confidential Government Contracts
  • Legal Files
  • Personnel Records
  • Leases
  • Financial Statements
  • Budgets
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Tax Forms
  • Building Permits
  • Land Records
  • Law Enforcement Documents
  • Marriage and Death Records
  • Court Documents
  • Large Format Documents

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