Auto Dealership Document Scanning

Transform your dealership's paper records into a secure, efficient, and text-searchable digital archive with our specialized document scanning services. Leveraging over 21 years of scanning expertise, we offer tailor-made scanning solutions for auto dealerships, making it easy and affordable to digitize repair orders, deal jackets, parts invoices, rental agreements, and more.

Streamlining Dealership Operations

Enhance The Accessibility And
Security of Your Records.

Let's face it: Paper-based recordkeeping is outdated, inefficient, and vulnerable, often leading to delays and security risks in your dealership's operations. Our specialized document scanning service for auto dealerships converts your essential documents into digital formats that are easily searchable, editable, and securely shareable across devices.

Save Money

Cut costs in your dealership by storing all your sales contracts, repair orders, and customer records as digital files. This approach is significantly cheaper than the physical storage of paper documents, reducing expenses and increasing your dealership's profitability.

Prevent Data Loss

Securely store multiple copies of crucial dealership documents like warranty records and purchase agreements in remote data centers. This ensures continuous access to vital records, even in unforeseen circumstances, safeguarding your business continuity.

Enhance Security

Protect your dealership's sensitive data, such as customer personal information and transaction records, with round-the-clock monitoring, robust access controls, and advanced encryption. This fortifies your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Improve Customer Service

Enhance your dealership's response time to customer inquiries by digitizing documents. Quick retrieval of sales records, service histories, and financial agreements allows for prompt and accurate customer service, bolstering customer satisfaction.

Work Efficiently

Streamline your dealership's operations by eliminating laborious paper-based tasks. Digital access to documents like parts inventories and employee records accelerates internal processes, allowing staff to focus on customer-facing activities and sales.

Reclaim Your Space

Transform your dealership's workspace by digitizing bulky sales files and maintenance records. This shift not only frees up physical space but also creates a more organized, efficient environment, conducive to a better working atmosphere and customer experience.

If you're aiming to optimize storage space, adhere to automotive industry regulations, or simply streamline your data management, SecureScan is dedicated to driving your dealership's efficiency forward.

How Does Our Auto Dealership Scanning
Service Work?

  • Documents Packed for Scanning

    1 Packing and Pickup

    Our team will visit your dealership to collect all relevant documents, such as repair orders and deal jackets, ensuring they're securely packed. We conduct a thorough inventory to track every document, maintaining accountability throughout the scanning process.

  • Ship Your Documents

    2 Transportation

    Following pickup, your documents are carefully transported to our scanning facility by our trusted team. All transportation is conducted using our insured and bonded company vehicles, ensuring your documents are handled with utmost care.

  • Document Scanning Facility

    3 Arrival and Inspection

    Upon arrival at our facility, we inspect and compare the documents against our initial inventory. This step is crucial to establish a secure chain of chain of custody that all dealership documents are accounted for.

  • Document Preparation for Scanning

    4 Document Preparation

    Our processing team meticulously prepares your dealership documents, removing any staples, paperclips, or other impediments to ensure a smooth scanning process.

  • Document Scanner

    5 Document Scanning

    We utilize high-resolution scanners to digitize your dealership's documents, ensuring each digital copy is of the highest quality and readability.

  • Quality Control

    6 Quality Control

    Our quality control process involves checking each scan to confirm accurate reproduction. Any documents not meeting our high standards are rescanned.

  • Quality Control

    7 Indexing

    Important identifiers like IDs, names, or invoice numbers will be extracted from your documents with the aid of OCR technology and manual data entry, enabling text-search functionality.

  • Share and Store Documents

    Share and Store

    Once scanned, your digital files are securely delivered via FTP, encrypted USB drive, or uploaded to your preferred document management system. Choose between PDF or TIFF formats. We can also return the original documents to your dealership or securely destroy them using our NAID® AAA Certified document shredding service.

Safety, Integrity, and Regulatory Adherence

Data Security and Privacy

At SecureScan, we understand the unique security needs of auto dealerships. Handling sensitive customer information, financial records, and confidential business documents requires the highest level of security. Our services are tailored to meet the stringent demands of the automotive industry, ensuring complete confidentiality and data protection. We deploy advanced security measures in our scanning processes, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches. Our compliance with industry-specific regulations highlights our commitment to protecting your dealership's data, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

Data Security & Compliance
HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

One Solution for All of Your
Scanning Needs

SecureScan offers digitization services for nearly any document you can find within auto dealerships. Here are few examples of the kinds of records we can help you streamline for enhanced management:

  • Repair Orders
  • Deal Jackets
  • Parts Invoices
  • Rental Agreements/li>
  • Loan agreements
  • Payment Record
  • Leasing Contracts
  • Customer Information Forms
  • Warranty Documents
  • Payroll/Tax Documents
  • Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Insurance Documents

Reach out to us for further details about our auto dealership scanning services, or get a no-obligation cost estimate for your upcoming project from one of our technicians.

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Advanced Data Capture Technology

Maximize the Utility of Your Dealership's Documents.

Our cutting-edge OCR software enables us to extract key data like vehicle identification numbers, customer details, and transaction histories directly from any scanned document. This data is then seamlessly integrated into your existing dealership management system, significantly simplifying data retrieval and management.

Our scanning team works closely with you to understand your specific needs, developing a custom plan that enhances your dealership's document handling efficiency.

Common Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked scanning service questions.

Document scanning can significantly enhance efficiency in auto dealerships by converting bulky paper records like service orders and sales agreements into digital files. This not only saves space but also makes it easier to access and manage important information, aiding in compliance and customer service.

Yes, for auto dealerships, the cost of maintaining paper files often exceeds the cost of digital storage. Document scanning reduces physical storage needs and enhances data retrieval efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution for managing dealership records.

After scanning, you can choose to have the original documents returned for storage or securely destroyed using our NAID AAA certified shredding service. We also provide a certificate of destruction for your records.

Yes, we can scan and convert various document types and formats, including large format documents, ensuring all your dealership’s needs are covered.

Its easy to prepare for your scanning project! In most cases, you can simply gather up your dealership’s documents, and we’ll handle the rest.

We will arrive at your location in one of our company vehicles to retrieve and transport your documents to our secure facility at a time determined by you. From there, our team takes care of all preparation steps, including removing staples, smoothing out creases, taping down sticky notes, and addressing any other obstructions that might affect scanning quality.

Yes, SecureScan offers on-site scanning services where we set up a secure document scanning workflow at your dealership, handling everything from setup to staffing.

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