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Many organizations possess fragile documents that cannot be transported, confidential records that cannot leave the premises, or document archives that are simply too large to move. Our on-site scanning and imaging service was developed to help ease the complications of digitizing these records.

We deliver commercial-grade scanning equipment, highly trained HIPAA certified staff, and more than 21 years of scanning and indexing know-how directly to your door. Our team will deploy a scanning pipeline at your facility to help you complete your project quickly and securely, without the need to transport your documents.

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If you have an immovable archive of paper documents that you need to digitize, SecureScan is here to help. We provide ultra-secure on-site scanning services to businesses throughout the northeast, including New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our dedicated team of scanning specialists will construct a high-speed scanning environment at your location, making it possible for your documents to be scanned and indexed without ever leaving your property. The benefits of our on-site service scanning include:

Eliminate Transportation Costs

On-site scanning helps businesses reduce the costs associated with transporting documents to a second facility, eliminating the need for drivers, packing, shipping, and more. This provides huge cost savings in cases where a high volume of paper records must be scanned.

Reduced Risk

Each time a document passes hands, the confidentiality of the data it contains is put in jeopardy. With our on-site scanning service, sensitive documents are digitized at your location, avoiding the potential risks introduced by transporting them.

Oversight and Accountability

Our on-site scanning service allows you to closely monitor your documents throughout the digitization process. This helps to ensure that documents are handled to your standards and provides additional oversight over the digitization process.


Transporting important documents off-site may impede your team's ability to access them at a short notice. When digitizing records that are actively in use, on-site scanning ensures that important documents remain fully accessible for the full duration of your project.


Document conversion projects typically have complex requirements and strict guidelines that must be followed. Conducting the scanning process at your facility enables your team to be an active participant in the conversion process, providing valuable insights and guidance when required.

High Volume Solution

Scanning large paper or microfilm archives on-site provides added convenience, efficiency, and simplicity, allowing you to tackle massive document scanning projects without the typical logistical challenges.

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How does our on-site scanning
service work?

  • Planning

    1 Planning

    We will discuss your document scanning goals and develop a customized plan to help you achieve them.

  • Ship Your Documents

    2 Deployment

    Our team will arrive at your location with all of the necessary equipment and staff to deploy a high-volume scanning solution at your office.

  • Document Preparation for Scanning

    3 Preparation

    We identify and eliminate common issues that may impede proper scanning, including staples, sticky notes, and creases.

  • Document Scanner

    4 Scanning

    Your documents are scanned under the supervision of one of our specialists, who will monitor the result of each scan and make adjustments as needed.

  • Quality Control

    5 Quality Assurance

    A technician will verify that each scan is free from defects, contrast issues, or inconsistencies that negatively affect readability.

  • Quality Control

    6 Indexing

    Key identifiers such as dates, invoice numbers, and IDs are extracted from each document and attached to the image file, enabling immediate access to documents via text search.

  • Share and Store Documents

    Share and Store

    Once your on-site scanning project is complete, your documents can be uploaded into an existing document management system, SFTP, or provided on an encrypted thumbnail drive.

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Our on-site scanning service was designed to provide the same level of security, accountability, and confidentiality as the services we provide at our facility. To accomplish this, we assemble a professional-grade scanning environment at your location, fully staffed with a team of HIPAA trained and certified scanning experts who will ensure that all document preparation, scanning, and indexing operations are performed in full compliance with state and federal data privacy laws and regulations.

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HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

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Our on-site scanning service is the ideal solution for any organization who is unable to transport their archive of paper or microfiche documents to an offsite facility for digitization. Our high standards for quality and strict adherence to data privacy best practices makes our onsite scanning service a suitable choice for businesses of all types.

Government Records Scanning

Government agencies often need to digitize document archives that are too large to move. Scanning these documents in the location where they are stored often makes more sense and is far more efficient.

Blueprint/Schematic Digitization

Large format documents tend to be fragile and require additional handling throughout the scanning process. Scanning these documents on-site reduces the passing of hands required when digitizing at a second location.

Medical Records Scanning

Medical facilities that manage records containing PHI and PII are able to scan these documents on-site, using a HIPAA compliant process that ensures private patient data is protected.

HR Department Scanning

Businesses with a large number of employees generate mountains of documents complying with legal recordkeeping requirements. Our on-site scanning solution offers a simple and efficient way to digitize these records without the need to transport them.

Legal Document Scanning

Law firms with a large backfile of legal documents will find many benefits of scanning documents on site, including a secure chain of custody and unrestricted access to documents throughout the digitization process.

MicroFiche/Film Scanning

Scanning microfilm or microfiche on-site allows film to remain in storage until the time it is scanned, eliminating additional exposure to new environments that pose the risk of potential damage or data loss.

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Rapid Deployment

Scan on Demand

If you have a short-term need for high volume on-site scanning, we can help. Our team is ready to deploy to your location quickly to help you respond to any critical business need that arises, including office relocation, increased volume due to seasonality, audits, and more.

Eliminate the headaches involved with hiring additional staff and purchasing or renting the necessary equipment. Our service provides you with the resources you'll need to complete your scanning project quickly, for an affordable price.

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Here's what our customers
are saying...

Broome County Court Logo

Broome County Surrogate’s Court

With a project that needed the highest quality, we were unsuccessful with prior document imaging service providers, working with SecureScan allowed us to preserve public records safely and efficiently.

Lynn Esworthy, NYS Office of Court Administration
Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University

The use of sophisticated scanning and imaging software and processes has made us a more efficient operation, allowing us to reallocate space for part-time staff with zero construction costs.

Dr. Whelan – Assistant Provost for Enrollment and Retention
Albany State University of New York

University At Albany

Since partnering with SecureScan, we have been able to significantly improve the processing time associated with applications to the University At Albany, allowing for a more timely and thorough review of our applicants.

Robert K. Andrea Jr., Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Common Questions

Answers to the most common questions about our on-site scanning service.

Yes, our on-site team follows strict protocols to ensure that all scanning procedures are performed to in full compliance with state and federal data privacy laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Yes! Our standard document scanning service includes the transportation of your documents to and from our secure scanning facility for imaging. We can also provide packing and preparation services for businesses who prefer white glove service, as well as paper shredding services for those who do not wish to have their documents returned.

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