Large Format Scanning Service

Our large format scanning service is designed to help you convert blueprints, architectural drawings, schematics, posters, or any other oversized documents into an archive of high quality 300dpi digital images. Converting your large format documents into digital formats provides numerous benefits including reduced physical storage needs, improvements to document accessibility, and data loss prevention.

The Paperless Revolution

High Resolution Flatbed
Scanning Service

If you've ever experienced the frustration of rummaging through flat drawers, tubes or hanging files looking for the document you need, we know how you feel. Oversized documents are particularly cumbersome and difficult to store and organize. Our large format scanning service solves your paper problems by transforming your large format documents into a text-searchable digital archive.

Improve Accessibility

Locate and share any document quickly and easily with simple keyword searches. Scanned documents are indexed and stored with metadata that allows you to sort by name, date, job ID, or any other important identifiers you see fit. Plus, you'll be able to access any file securely, from any physical location.

Save Time

Digitizing your large format documents makes it easier to find, access, and share your information with your team members and clients. Eliminate time wasted searching for the documents you need.

Prevent Deterioration

Blueprints and other large format documents are prone to fading and other types of damage. Handling and use of these documents heightens these risks. Digitizing your documents creates a permanent record that can be accessed and shared without the possibility of data loss.

Reclaim Office Space

Storing large format documents takes up a ton of space, and if that space is in your office, you're paying a premium for it. Reduce your on-site paper storage requirements and better utilize your space for more productive tasks. Or, put in a pinball machine.


If you need to keep your large format documents on hand for an extended period of time, scanning and storing digital copies is the most efficient way. Data can be stored and backed up in multiple locations at little to additional no cost.

Centralize Your Documents

As you generate new documents, continuously add and store digital copies in central locations such as a cloud storage solution or a document management system.

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We handle the heavy lifting involved with scanning your large format documents, helping you centralize, access and store your files more efficiently.

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We make the process of converting your large format documents into digital files easy.

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Scanning and Indexing

We process and scan each document based on your specifications. Then, we index your files based on key identifiers, enabling text based search and retrieval.

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Project Completion

Your digital files are delivered to you on an encrypted USB drive or uploaded into the document management software of your choice.

Flexible scanning options to meet your needs.

We scan a wide variety of large format documents including:

  • Engineering Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Project Plans
  • Highway Plans
  • Manufacturing Designs
  • CAD Drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Maps
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Surveys
  • Oversized Photos
  • Posters

Organize and catalog your large format documents with ease.

Our team of scanning technicians are trained to accurately capture and store descriptive information related to your engineering drawings, blueprints, surveys, maps and more, and convert that data into a searchable catalog of digital files.

With simple and intuitive text search capabilities, you'll be able to retrieve any file you need with just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse.

Any Document, Any Size, Any Volume

Our large format scanning service is the fastest and most affordable way to convert your oversized documents into a highly organized text-searchable archive of digital files.

No matter how many documents you need to scan, SecureScan can handle it. Our commercial grade scanning equipment and team of over 80 document conversion specialists will make short work of any job, turning your paper nightmares into a distant memory.

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Common Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked large format scanning questions.

Any document larger than the two standard paper sizes (8.5″ x 11 legal size,  8.5″ x 11  letter size) is considered to be a large format document.

A few typical examples of large format documents includes:

  • Architectural blueprints
  • Engineering diagrams/drawings
  • Large non-standard book pages
  • Newspaper sheets
  • Maps
  • Schematics

The main reason for the “large format document” distinction is the need for special scanning and printing equipment when working with oversized documents.

It is important to remember though that large-format documents typically need to be removed from tubes or racks and loaded into the scanner one at a time, so the  process of scanning large format documents can take a bit longer.  These large sheets also need special care and proper handling to avoid rips and tears in your documents.


We can scan any document up to 60″ in width or length which covers ANSI E and ARCH E documents.

The best formats for scanning and storing large format documents are PDF (Portable Document Format) and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format). Both formats offer excellent image quality, searchable metadata, and high compatibility.

Choosing between these two options depends largely on your requirements, such as the intended use of the scanned document, image quality, file size, and whether the document contains only text, images, or a combination of both. Read more about the differences between PDF and TIFF files.

Large Format Scanning Service

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