Medical Records Scanning Service

Our HIPAA compliant medical record scanning service enables healthcare providers and insurance companies to convert paper-based patient records into a text searchable archive of electronic files. Securely digitize and organize your patient charts, billing records, lab results, physician notes and more, while complying with industry regulations and legal requirements.

Medical Records Scanning

Medical Records Management

Create a paperless

SecureScan has over 20 years of experience working with medical practices of all sizes to develop document conversion processes that improve the security, efficiency, and accessibility of patient healthcare information. Scan large volumes of medical records all at once, or create a continuous conversion process for ongoing conversion.

Provider Coordination

Electronic medical records make collaboration among doctors and nurses in your practice as well as outside medical care providers simple, improving the quality of care provided to your patients.

Reduced Workload

Improve security with the ability to limit access to patient records as you see fit, ensuring a secure chain of custody for sensitive patient files.


Secure, accurate medical records are critical for legal compliance. Our technologies and processes are HIPAA compliant, ensuring your patient data is protected from point of care until release into your EHR system.

Work Efficiently

Cut down on time spent looking for the documents you need. Access indexed files instantly via intuitive text-based searches.

Cost Effective

Digital file storage is significantly more affordable than traditional paper alternatives. Securely store inactive patient records without the ongoing expense of a physical footprint.

Reclaim Your Space

Free up valuable and often expensive office space for more strategic business use while reducing clutter.

How does the conversion
process work?

Document Scanner


First, we securely transform your physical medical records into electronic files, providing ease of access while protecting personal health information against theft or loss.

Quality Control


Next, we create a user-friendly digital catalog of electronic patient records, allowing any member of your team to quickly and easily locate a specific record at a minute's notice.

3 Share and Store Documents


Last, your converted documents can be uploaded to our cloud-based document management platform or provided as an encrypted hard drive for use in any electronic health record system.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Our medical records conversion process was built from the ground up to conform with data privacy requirements outlined by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH (the Health Information Technology for Economic & Clinical Health Act). Our ultra-secure facilities, HIPAA certified staff, and investments in secure technologies ensure that our medical scanning service meets the highest data protection standards.

Data Security & Compliance
HIPAA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Replace Your Paper Processes

Medical records scanning
made easy.

A successful transition away from paper medical records requires careful consideration, experience, and know-how. Our team will guide you through the entire process, working directly with you to understand your unique needs to create a customized plan to help you modernize your records storage.

Medical Clinics

Medical clinics and emergency care centers tend to see a higher volume of patient turnover, creating a need for increased capacity for patient records storage. By converting physical documents into digital formats, clinics can more easily retain large volumes of patient files, prescription records and other information while reclaiming valuable office space.

Health Insurance Agencies

Process claims more efficiently and improve customer onboarding by reducing your reliance on paper record keeping practices. Transforming your wall of filing cabinets to a secure digital archive will decrease the likelihood of costly inefficiencies while making it easier for your agents to access, organize and manage patient data.

Mental Health Professionals

Properly maintained patient records are paramount to your patient's long-term well-being and are required to meet standard quality of care requirements. Our medical scanning service provides therapists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals a secure and affordable method for protecting patient data while also increasing accessibility to patient records.


Hospitals require instant access to patient records. By transitioning to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, paper documents can be indexed and organized by key identifiers, enabling text-based search queries on any number of fields required. We can scan large volumes of sensitive medical records at one time, making a full switch to an electronic system a breeze.

SecureScan is here to help.

Converting your documents can seem like a daunting task. We will walk you through every step of the process to help facilitate a conversion plan that works for you.

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Centralize Patient Data

All of your medical records in one place.

Despite implementing electronic medical record (EMR) systems, many healthcare providers still maintain both paper and electronic records. Our ultra-secure medical scanning services are the perfect way to migrate away from paper records for good.

We can help you convert your archived records into electronic formats, while creating efficient processes for managing and scanning new records as they are generated.

No Hidden Fees

Priced Per Box

With our straightforward pricing model, it's easy to plan ahead for your scanning project. We charge per box, making the exact count of records you need scanned irrelevant. Simply box up your patient records and we'll do the rest. Processing, scanning, and indexing is all covered under one price. See how our prices compare to our competitors with our document scanning cost calculator.

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Common Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked medical records scanning service questions.

Medical records scanning is the process of converting paper-based patient records into a searchable digital archive. In all cases, the scanning and conversion process must be completed in compliance with HIPAA regulations to protect PHI ( personal health information )

There are many use cases for our medical scanning service, including the following:

  • Patient Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Pharmacy Routing
  • Electronic fax archiving and processing for inbound and outbound documents
  • Medical Claims Processing


There are a few important considerations to make before converting your medical records.

  • Which historical patient information should be available during and after the transition?
  • What are the best methods of converting this information for use with your current EHR system? (if applicable)
  • What is the best way to ensure that the converted documents are of sufficient quality?
  • How long should the paper record be available after the scanning process is complete?

Medical Records Conversion

Your paperless future made possible.

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