Digital Mailroom Solution

Transform your traditional paper-based mailroom into a modern, fully automated digital capture center. With Securescan’s Digital Mailroom service, we’ll handle the processing of your inbound mail, converting incoming paper mail into digital files, delivering your mail electronically.

Document Scanning Service

Stop Paper at the Source

Modernize Your Mailroom

Managing your mail is easy with SecureScan’s digital mailroom. We receive, sort, and digitize your mail, uploading your critical communications into our secure digital repository or integrating directly with any existing document management system. Your mail can be reviewed remotely from any internet connected device, centralizing your data. Our service offers many advantages over traditional paper mail processing including:

Increase Efficiency

Merging incoming mail with your digital information stream offers convenience, speed, and increased productivity, while reducing the amount of physical paper changing hands in your organization

Reduce Costs

Processing your mail digitally eliminates the need for expensive mailroom equipment and software, as well as expenses associated with employee training and labor.

Improve Communication

Slow outdated processes can negatively affect the quality of communications between your business and its customers and suppliers. Digital mail produces faster response times and promotes better quality of service.

Stay Compliant

Our HIPPA/HITECH complaint digital mailroom service is designed to exceed your organization’s data privacy regulatory requirements.

Centralize Your Data

Get instant access to any piece of mail without ever leaving your desk, 24/7/365.

Simplify Collaboration

Documents are available on demand, providing accelerated access to vital information, while promoting better communication and collaboration among the members of your team, regardless of location.

Tracking and Accountability

Get a better understanding the information entering your organization and who has access to it by gaining full visibility into the flow of inbound mail.

How does our document scanning
service work?

  • Digital Mailroom Facility

    1 Inbound Mail is Delivered

    Forward your mail, or we’ll collect it from your business PO box, at any volume, and safely transport it to our secure mail processing facility.

  • Mail Sorting

    2 Sorting

    We separate out junk mail prior to scanning, reducing your need to digitize unnecessary mail.

  • Cloud Document

    3 Your Documents are Digitized

    We scan the contents of each approved parcel and upload the digital files into a repository for secure remote access.

  • Quality Control

    4 Quality Control

    We manually review every scan to ensure the resulting digital image meets our high-quality standards. Imperfect scans are rescanned.

  • Document Identification

    5 Document Identification

    We identify your documents by the date received and other key information so you can prioritize your work.

  • Digital Mailbox

    6 Ship Critical Mail

    Checks, legal documents, or any other mail you deem important can be returned to you.

  • Paper Shredding

    Optional: Shred Your Documents

    Any remaining original documents can be thrown away, shredded by our NAID® AAA certified document destruction team, or returned to you (your preference).

A Safer Alternative

Ultra-Secure, Incredibly Simple

Prevent your mail from falling into the hands of dumpster divers and data thieves. Our HIPPA and HITECK compliant digital mailroom service provides a secure and well-documented chain of custody for retrieving and delivering your post mail digitally. Your files are encrypted, and password protected, limiting access to your mail and making your data significantly more secure.

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HIPPA and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

Replace Your Paper Processes

Bring Rationality to the Chaos
of Mail Processing.

Whether you operate your business out of multiple locations, run a centralized virtual office, or have employees working remotely, our secure collection and digital distribution model will provide you with robust and secure mailroom services at an affordable cost. Our experience and expertise will transform the way you manage your inbound mail.

Fits Like a Glove

We'll work with one on one with you to create an optimized mail pipeline that perfectly aligns with the needs and goals of your organization.

A Complete Solution

We do all of the heavy lifting of transforming your outdated mailroom into a fully automated digital capture solution.


Unlike many of our competitors, we adhere to a honest, no-nonsense approach to pricing. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.

Secure is in our name

We invest heavily in security and employee training programs to provide the highest levels of security and compliance in the industry.

World Class Technology

Enjoy enhanced security, an improved workflow, and easy access to your mail from anywhere you get internet access.

Partners in Your Success

We take pride in our commitment to customer service excellence and one-on-one support for every customer.

We're here to help.

If you feel like you’re drowning in mail, SecureScan is your lifeline.

Automate Your Mailroom

A Modern Mail Solution

Out with the old, in with the new

If your business is growing, chances are your volume of mail is too. Paper mail is bulky, slows down processing time, and introduces the possibility of errors or data loss.

Our solution solves all of these problems by replacing your outdated mailroom with a conveniently automated paper free mail pipeline. If you are looking for a modern, cost effective solution to make dealing with large amounts of mail more efficient, our digital mailroom is the answer.

Transform Your Workflow

Document Privacy & Security

Your physical mail, delivered digitally.

Streamlining the intake and conversion of physical-to-digital mail gives you immediate access to any piece of mail at the click of a button.

Your scanned mail is organized and uploaded into a secure digital mailroom repository, where you can view and manage everything in one place. Easily and securely distribute documents to your team as you see fit.

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Common Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked digital mailroom questions.

A digital mailroom is a hybrid mail and scanning service where incoming mail is scanned, converted into digital files, and delivered as an electronic communication. A Digital mailroom is a modern solution that deals with the issues many organizations face when dealing with the processing and distribution of inbound mail.

Organizations generally consider automated mail pipelines to solve issues related to:

  • Remote employees
  • Multiple business locations
  • Mailroom real estate and associated costs
  • Staffing and workforce costs
  • Slow mail processing times
  • Frustration with outdated processes

After each piece of mail has been scanned, your digital files are manually reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our high image quality standards. Any documents that do not meet these criteria are rescanned.

After the imaging process has been completed, we identify each piece of mail and organize by date received or other key information. Any important items or critical mail will be forwarded to your place of business.

There are many situations in which an organization may have a category of mail they do not wish to scan. No problem, any materials deemed unfit for the scanning/automation process can simply be forwarded on to any address of your choosing without ever being opened.

Yes, we can separate and organize mail in any way that best meets the needs of your organization. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, which is why we work one-on-one with every client to create a highly customized mail automation pipeline optimized specifically for your business.

Digital Mailroom Service

Kick manual mail processing to the curb.

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