Frequently Asked Document Management Questions

We’ve accumulated the most common questions new customers have when looking to outsource their document management.

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Yes, we can scan and convert various document types and formats, including large format documents, ensuring all your dealership’s needs are covered.

Simply gather your dealership’s documents, and we’ll handle the rest.

We will arrive at your location in one of our company vehicles to retrieve and transport your documents to our secure facility at a time determined by you. From there, our team takes care of all preparation steps, including removing staples, smoothing out creases, taping down sticky notes, and addressing any other obstructions that might affect scanning quality.

Yes, SecureScan offers on-site scanning services where we set up a secure document scanning workflow at your dealership, handling everything from setup to staffing.

We can digitize a wide range of insurance documents, including policy documents, claim forms, customer records, legal paperwork, and regulatory compliance records.

We know that maintaining the security of insurance related documents is paramount. That’s why we employ advanced security measures, including encryption and secure badge protected storage, as well as adhering to industry-specific regulations to ensure the highest level of data protection for your records.

Yes, we are equipped to handle large-scale digitization projects and have experience managing extensive document volumes efficiently.

Absolutely, we work closely with each client to tailor our services to their specific needs, ensuring a solution that best fits their document management requirements.

Digitizing documents enhances efficiency, reduces physical storage needs, improves data accessibility, and helps in maintaining regulatory compliance.

We can convert documents into various digital formats, including PDF or TIFF, depending on your specific requirements.

Yes, we ensure that the digitized documents we create are compatible with various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for seamless integration.