The advantages of rethinking your mailroom processes

Rethink your mail processes

The benefits of outsourcing your inbound mail processing

Let’s face it, paper mail is an outdated, slow, and error-prone way to communicate in large volumes. For businesses of all types and sizes, keeping up with incoming mail can feel much more like a hassle than a convenience. With most systems moving to more reliable digital alternatives, shouldn’t there be a better way to handle inbound mail?

With your workforce regularly receiving and responding to emails, texts, and other digital communications, why not incorporate your mail into their regular data feed?

If your organization is currently processing large amounts of important mail on a regular basis, it may be time to consider digital mailroom services.

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom is an automated scanning process that allows you to convert incoming paper mail into digital files that can be indexed, organized and delivered either electronically or physically as a digital archive.

When using a digital mailroom service, you outsource your organization’s incoming mail processing by forwarding your mail to a third-party mail management company experienced with handling large volumes of mail.

Not only does a digital mailroom save time and money, but more often than not it actually improves the flow of mail into your business.

What are the advantages of a digital mailroom?

No matter what type of industry you’re operating in, outsourcing your mail with digital mailroom services offers huge cost and time-saving benefits including:

  • More efficient mail processing
  • Lower costs/reduction in staff
  • Improvements to speed and quality of customer communications
  • Refocus employees on more important tasks
  • Better response times
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Eliminate satellite mail rooms
  • Distribute mail easily to remote team members
  • Meet data privacy compliance requirements

How does a digital mailroom work?

First, all inbound mail is forwarded on to the address of a mail outsourcing partner for processing. The mail will arrive and immediately be sorted and categorized based on specific criteria outlined by the business. Next, your mail moves into the digital scanning pipeline, where each piece of mail is individually scanned and converted into a digital file. Lastly, your newly digitized mail will be indexed and uploaded into a secure repository of your choice.