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Is document scanning expensive?

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The cost of storing paper files tends to be far greater than the cost of digital storage. For that reason, our document scanning service tends to pay for itself. Plus, if you require even infrequent access to your data, the efficiency of searching digital files vs. rummaging through a filing cabinet is a huge time/cost savings.

SecureScan offers the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our per-box pricing model makes your upfront costs incredibly affordable and easy to calculate.

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Transitioning from paper to electronic record-keeping offers benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but doing so also presents a number of challenges that can be difficult to overcome.  One such challenge is ensuring that sensitive information isn’t inadvertently shared or exposed during the process. Whether you’re in healthcare, law, finance, or any sector

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As your business transitions from paper to digital recordkeeping, it’s important to consider how you will effectively tag, categorize, and retrieve your digital documents.  In fact, organization is one of the most critical aspects of the scanning process. The effectiveness of your entire recordkeeping system hinges on how well it is executed. Proper tagging and

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Today’s businesses are managing an unprecedented volume of information, making effective data management more crucial than ever.  As more organizations transition to paperless record-keeping, the importance of properly categorizing and tagging documents grows in tandem with the increasing volume of information that needs to be stored and retrieved.  Whether you’re migrating from paper to digital

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